May 2011

Review of Veddw by Bridget Rosewell

by AnneWareham on May 6, 2011


Meadow at Veddw copyright Charles Hawes

The garden made by Anne Wareham and Charles Hawes in the Welsh Borders has been described by Anne as a modern romantic garden.  I struggle with this description which conjures up for me visions of 1980’s music and Adam Ant.  In this review I try to come up with an alternative interpretation which the makers may or may not recognise.

There is no doubt that the project itself is the stuff of romance  – a garden made from nothing, by a woman driven to do it and a man prepared not only to permit (indulge?) such a lunatic idea but even to engage fully with it.  However, the garden itself, in my view, engages a different tradition and one which might have more properly been called a Tory garden in the eighteenth century. [ more..]

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