January 2013

Institutional Gardens – are they all awful?

by AnneWareham on January 22, 2013

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Postscript to this piece

We just revisited Plas Brondanw (May 2014) and found it transformed. The changes have been sorted and the renovations as successful now as they could be. Wish they would lose the labels and the inappropriate roses but otherwise it’s now a must-visit again. AW.

Dyffryn Garden,(above) described as ‘spectacular’ and “one of Wales’s most beautiful gardens”  has just been taken over by the National Trust, so that “now the council has restored the site to its current wonderful condition the National Trust can take this beautiful location to a higher level.” I wonder if we should be rejoicing or merely thinking ‘out of the frying pan…’ In honour of the occasion I am offering the following:

View over Plas Brondanw copyright Charles Hawes (Veddw)

Institutional Gardens – are they all awful?

Plas Brondanw used to be one of the most satisfying, delightful gardens in Britain. It was originally the private garden of the architect and garden maker Clough  Williams-Ellis, of Portmeirion fame and it is about 100 years old. I visited it many years ago on a never to be forgotten trip, [..read more..]

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A Very Bad Day

January 17, 2013
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It’s snowing and I’m feeling heartbroken. And Jeff, our gardener,( he comes one day a week and is indispensable – see sidebar.) is out there, in the snow, working so hard. Digging up the box balls in our front garden. Send to Kindle

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