June 2013

The bars of a prison

by AnneWareham on June 20, 2013

What are Gardens For? on Veddw blog

There’s a convention in the cultural world that people shouldn’t respond to criticism of their work. That no doubt had its merits once, but the world is livening up and dialogue is increasing everywhere as a result of the web. For the garden world this should, at long last, mean that issues can get thoroughly aired and thought through.

If we are going to have that dialogue though, we need to begin to consider what is helpful and constructive and what is not. Name calling is not. It may have relieved Noel’s feelings to say of Robin Lane-Fox “He is one of a kind – the ‘crusty old fart’ who we do particularly well in Britain, annoying but in the end, rather lovable” but it doesn’t actually refute or address his criticisms of Noel’s book. (See  Noel Kingsbury’s response to Robin Lane Fox.)

Rory Stuart recently wrote a detailed appraisal of Veddw in his new book [..read more..]

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Weeds – what’s weeds?

June 11, 2013
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