March 2014

Hug a Slug by Anne Wareham

by AnneWareham on March 28, 2014

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This piece was published in The Spectator on the 8th of March 2014 under the title ‘The War on Beauty’:

Anne Wareham War on beauty piece Spectator

No, I am not Russia’s Revenge, nor is my piece about Forbidden Sex, sadly ….

Next week is ‘Hug a Slug’ week.

Well, come on, you did believe it for a couple of seconds. We’ve all grown so used to the fog of humourless eco-rectitude that has settled over our gardens that you probably didn’t even blink. No right-thinking (let alone left-thinking) person these days would dream of paving their front garden (bad for drainage), using a bag of peat-based compost (very un-green) or a nice toxic pesticide. It’s all too feasible to imagine we might suddenly to be told by the RSPCA that slugs had rights too. [ more..]

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For Karen – a Walk in the Woods.

March 20, 2014
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This is a special for my great friend Karen, (@wildelycreative ) who bivvies in this wood when she can, but it’s been ages now…(and with apologies to the real Walker.) This is the other side of that gate into the woods: There are not many flowers out yet. The pleasures are subtle – Karen is good […]

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