July 2015

The Hampton Court Chop: stake out.

by AnneWareham on July 4, 2015

Pink Persicaria campanulatum at Veddw.

I hate staking plants. It looks ugly, especially early on in the year. And it’s hard work (always best avoided). So I have one or two tricks to save me the bother.

One is stuffing plants so tight together that they are self supporting. This works well, especially if you don’t feed them (never spoil a plant, it’ll never let you in peace afterwards). But edges of paths get problematic, unless you’re a great big institutional garden with paths ten feet wide. We’re not and if we don’t do something some paths become impassable, especially after heavy rain has flattened things a bit.

So in the front garden we added rails to try and confine the rampagious creatures. [..read more..]

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