February 2016

Post image for What to do with a Squirrel (without getting prosecuted) by Anne Wareham

This piece was published in the Spectator on the 21st March 2015 

as the Spectator has a paywall, I have reproduced it here in case anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the Spectator might like to read it…

It was published on the back of the publication of ‘Outwitting Squirrels’ which, of course, would be an excellent present for any gardening mother on Mothering Sunday (March the 6th)

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What to do with a Squirrel (without getting prosecuted)

Gardeners are up against it. There are thousands of garden pests, exciting new ones discovered every day, and few remedies left with which to fight them. The wonderful cure-all chemicals we once depended on have long been banned — they ‘cured’ a little more than was intended.

And how do you repel that king of garden pests, the alien grey squirrel? Squirrels destroy baby birds, bulbs, fruit, young trees just as they begin to look like real trees, and bird feeders too. Not (yet) the human variety of bird feeders, but the peanut and seed containing varieties. At this time of year they are frantic for food and liable to chew up your beloved buds; the females become aggressive in spring and can attack. If you ever attempt a close encounter with a grey squirrel you will discover that they have a vicious bite. [..read more..]

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