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‘After Gainsborough…photo for The Garden

Anne Wareham

I am a garden writer for newspapers and garden magazines,  and editor of the website thinkinGardens.

I appeared on television as a judge in the series ‘Britain’s Best Home and Garden’ on Channel 5 and Tim Richardson included me in his list of most influential British gardeners in the Telegraph.

I have been campaigning for the past thirty years for a renaissance in British gardens, focusing on encouraging serious reviews of gardens and on returning gardens to their place amongst the fine arts in British culture.

My first book, The Bad Tempered Gardener  was published in May 2011 by Frances Lincoln and has been described by the Daily Mail as a ‘best seller’. I’m looking forward to the royalties which convince me of that…

My second came out in April 2015: Outwitting Squirrels, and IS a best seller. Let’s hope The Deckchair Gardener will be too.

I have a garden blog  and I am generally a thorn in the flesh of the garden world.

Charles Hawes

Blog post by Charles on GAP Photos.

I have been taking photographs of gardens professionally since 1999. I am a member of the Garden Media Guild and Professional Garden Photographers Association and am the only photographer member of the Guild who also has a garden which is open regularly to the public.

My work is feature-led; I photograph gardens and nurseries for articles in magazines and newspapers. My work has appeared in many gardening and lifestyle magazines in the UK and in mainland Europe.

My first book,  ‘Discovering Welsh Gardens’ written by Stephen Anderton, was published in 2009 and contains over 300 images from 20 gardens in Wales.

I provided all the photographs for  The Bad Tempered Gardener by Anne Wareham which was published by Frances Lincoln in May 2011.

I have 5000 images placed with GAP Photos who represent my stock pictures of plants, flowers and garden features. I supply GAP with full sets of pictures of a number of gardens.

And – I have a walking blog, with more great photographs and entertaining accounts of my walks.

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