In The Garden (RHS)

Non-Gardeners see the Beauty

How do we define ‘gardeners’?

Inspired by Meadows

You never stop designing a garden

In the Telegraph:

Garden photography: a form of worship?

Strim your way to Sanity

Bird Bath Disaster

The Garden Media Guild Awards – Glittering prizes for the green-fingered

Nightmare with Grasses

Veddw on television with Alan Titchmarsh.

Water: what is it good for?

Step back for the long -term view

The flat earth Society

A succession of amazing humiliations 

Don’t put up with underwhelming plants

Why I hate gardening

Tulips can dazzle as well on the compost heap as in the garden

Plantaholism is the real killer

Join the conservatory party

Flat or sloping garden: which is best?

In the Spectator

– these articles are now behind a paywall but you can read them here:

The War on Beauty

Please shut the Gates 

The Emperor’s New Weeds 

From the Guardian Friday debate and Guardian blog

I’m sick of ‘lovely’ gardens

Paint it black

Gardening doesn’t need celebrities

Is it time for a £50 entrance fee?

Don’t let the garden pundits push you around


Meadows – by Any name?

Rose Gardens: don’t we hate them?

Frightfully Formal

In America

Thinking Veddw in ‘Leaf’

On ‘Garden Rant’


Fennel and Fern – Real Gardens: Veddw

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