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You never stop designing a garden, by Anne Wareham

by AnneWareham on October 2, 2014

This piece was published in The Garden and addresses something that concerns me a lot = which is, what do you actually get when you pay someone to design a garden for you?

You never stop designing a garden by Anne Wareham, Veddw

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February 12, 2012

 In The Garden Inspired by Meadows In the Telegraph: Garden photography: a form of worship? Strim your way to Sanity Bird Bath Disaster The Garden Media Guild Awards – Glittering prizes for the green-fingered Nightmare with Grasses Veddw on television with Alan Titchmarsh. Water: what is it good for? Step back for the long -term […]

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Seeing the Garden by Anne Wareham

March 14, 2011

It would be easier to make and maintain a good garden if we could see what we are doing. But we can’t. The problem is that we can go out and look at our gardens every day without ever managing to see them clearly. Send to Kindle

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Gardens Need Critics by Anne Wareham for The Garden Design Journal

March 10, 2011

People glibly and carelessly refer to gardens as “art.” Well, maybe gardens could be art – but not until we get some serious garden criticism. No art form can thrive without the serious discussion and dialogue which criticism offers: it raises standards, informs, educates and promotes intelligent debate. It is the very lifeblood of any […]

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Veddw in late summer by Anne Wareham for the English Garden Magazine

March 10, 2011

  The trick to keeping your borders going all the way through to the winter is shopping. Garden centres report that their peak period for plant purchases is spring, which is why we have a great many gardens that peak early in the year and very few good late gardens. If you want good borders […]

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Being Criticised, by Anne Wareham

March 9, 2011

Speaker’s Corner Piece for Gardens Illustrated Last year we spent a bleak winter’s day removing and burning many yards of maturing holly hedge. It was a bleak day not so much because of the weather as because of the task. It had taken ten years to grow the hedge and it was gone in an […]

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