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“Relaxed yet refined” from the RHS magazine, The Garden, of December 2012 – read the full review here (this link opens in a new tab).

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Interesting feedback.

by AnneWareham on August 31, 2014

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An Addition to the visit from Brockweir, Hewelsfield and St Briavels Garden Society’s feedback

The group leader now points out to me that I only asked  about the people who didn’t appreciate the garden: the majority did like it. And she asked me to add a new last paragraph, which is below.

 This was feedback which I requested from the leader of a recent coach party. I thought it would be useful to people planning such visits and I’ve left it anonymous because, although I have permission to use it, it wasn’t mentioned to the members of the party at the time.
Hedges Late August Veddw Copyright Anne Wareham 027

Late evening sun in August

A Tour Group Leader: (with permission)

It was generally the people who are “controlling” in their own gardens that didn’t like it, [ more..]

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A praise poem to the place by Elizabeth Musgrave

July 24, 2014

This is a personal email to me from a friend, so perhaps doesn’t belong as a review. But Elizabeth discusses and responds to that which is so important to me, and which is so much at the heart of the garden that I wanted it here. I think what she has to say is important […]

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The Brockweir, Hewelsfield and St. Briavels Garden Society visit Veddw

August 2, 2012

In July 2012 the Brockweir, Hewelsfield and St. Briavels Garden Society visited Veddw. They subsequently wrote up their visit for their website and the members have kindly given me permission to reproduce their comments here. To see the original and to find out more about this lively society visit their website here. 9 July: We […]

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Veddw en fête and at dusk by Robert Webber

January 31, 2012

We were both delighted to be invited to Veddw by Anne Wareham and Charles Hawes for their Summer Party last weekend. Aside from fascinating people, including ‘literati and glitterati’ from the garden world, great food and flowing wine, the context of the garden itself made this party extra special. It is always a privilege to […]

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Recent articles and reviews of Veddw

January 29, 2012

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Can professional designers really hope to emulate those for whom a garden is a life’s work? by Tim Richardson

September 6, 2011

  Tim Richardson: IF I WAS A GARDEN DESIGNER I would be a bit miffed by the fact that every list of iconic or outstanding contemporary gardens comprises special places which have, in most cases, been created by people who are not professional garden designers. Jarman, Jencks, Finlay, Strong/Oman at The Laskett and Wareham/Hawes at Veddw […]

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Review of Veddw by Bridget Rosewell

May 6, 2011

  The garden made by Anne Wareham and Charles Hawes in the Welsh Borders has been described by Anne as a modern romantic garden.  I struggle with this description which conjures up for me visions of 1980’s music and Adam Ant.  In this review I try to come up with an alternative interpretation which the […]

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Extracts from “Gardens of Illusion” by Sara Maitland & Peter Matthews

March 10, 2011

“Most people consciously and unconsciously respond to the larger topography in the making of their gardens. Often it is to something simple – a slope, a curve, a mature copse, a single tree or (lucky gardeners) standing or moving natural water. If something is there, ready and waiting, and particularly if getting rid of it […]

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Review of Veddw House Garden by Noel Kingsbury

February 3, 2011

  The following review of Veddw was taken from Gardens Illustrated, November 2006. Listening to the praise of visitors is always pleasant for garden owners who open their gardens to the public. Send to Kindle

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