Thinkingardens Supper

by AnneWareham on September 23, 2014

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My apologies for those who want words – this is a post principally for the interest of those who came to the thinkingardens supper at Veddw, to discuss beauty and gardens. And much else besides. And eat cake….drink a little…

Thinkingardens supper at Veddw

Contemplating Bob, the ugly fish.

Thinkingardens event at Veddw

At Veddw for gardenandcake

Thinkingardens supper S.6

What were they on about?

Thinkingardens event at Veddw

See Lucy, sorting us all out..

Thinkingardens event at Veddw

She finds it worrying. And does a great job!

#Thinkingardens event at Veddw

Thinkingardens event at Veddw

Thinkingardens event at Veddw

Thinkingardens event at Veddw

Anne Wareham, Clare Hoffman and Charles Hawes at thinkingardens supper

And I was there too! Thanks, John.


.. and there are no pictures of the discussion as we were all a bit engaged then…

Great event – thanks for coming everyone!

O – and a bonus: Maggie found this after – “You cannot avoid beauty in a work of art,” says Kiefer

and I found this, which is Paul’s post on the event.

Anne Xxxx


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Charles September 23, 2014 at 9:09 pm

There’s very little evidence of cake being eaten in these pics. Perhaps that’s why we had a kitchen full of cake left-.overs. Is it possible that I chaired the discussion so subtly that no one noticed?

AnneWareham September 23, 2014 at 9:12 pm

I’d forgotten you chaired it! Or did it chair itself?