It’s snowing and I’m feeling heartbroken. And Jeff, our gardener,( he comes one day a week and is indispensable – see sidebar.) is out there, in the snow, working so hard. Digging up the box balls in our front garden.

What to say? We’ve been putting off this dreadful decision for about two years now, ever since box blight arrived in the front garden. We are just about keeping blight under control and bits of the plants would die off then start cheerfully – but so slowly, – sprouting healthy new growth.

So we kept thinking it might recover, or a miracle would happen, or we’d stop noticing..

It’s called denial and finally we’ve stopped now and the miserable job is being done. There’s only Billy who doesn’t mind…

Billy (Jeff's dog) at Veddw, copyright Anne Wareham

 And now it’s even stopped snowing – I thought it might at least brighten a bleak picture up for us….

The front garden will have to have a revamp and we have exciting plans. But for for some time we will be looking at a very bleak space with major absences.

Removal of Box Balls Veddw, 9, copyright Anne Wareham, Veddw


Removal of Box Balls Veddw, copyright Anne Wareham

I used to love the box balls covered in snow.

Front Garden in snow, with Box Balls, Veddw, copyright Charles Hawes

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