Bindweed, yes or no?

by AnneWareham on August 16, 2016

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I went to a lot of trouble earlier this year, sticking canes in for bindweed to grow up. I had an evil plan involving plastic bags and POISON!

Bindweed on cane 20160815_132202

Then somehow there was a lot to do. Or it was raining. Or it looked like a lot of effort….

The bindweed stayed. And grew. Then flowered.

Bindweed 2 20160810_184633

Disaster? Well, it’s been here as long as we have (29 years almost exactly). It always grows over the rose at this time of year, just as the anemone begins and the rose has gone over (with just an odd second attempt at flowering, but nothing special…)

Bindweed 3 20160810_184358

I knew of a garden where they tried to grow bindweed on purpose over arches down a path. They failed, it wouldn’t grow. I’m doing better than that, aren’t I?

It’s quite pretty. In fact, it’s very pretty.

Bindweed 4 20160810_190204

It all gets cut down come the winter. It actually is looking much better than the Clematis rehderiana (or, would you believe? nodding virgin’s bower) which is much over rated and is looking horrid =

Clematis 20160816_170843_HDR

I think we can keep the bindweed. Don’t you?

Portrait Anne Wareham copyright Charles Hawes

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