Fashion or taste?

by AnneWareham on June 25, 2012

Pergola at Veddw copyright Anne Wareham

Yesterday a garden visitor asked me what I was intending to cover my black pergola with. I felt mildly shocked – I love it just as it is. He seemed equally shocked that I would permit unadorned black wood in my garden. I wondered why he picked on that?

However, when we began the garden and made the original pergola it was specifically intended as a support for roses, and did quite well in that role until  it rotted and needed replacing. Once replaced I looked at it and thought how much better it would be empty. Looked cool, I thought, in my rather dated way.

Now is that simply changing fashion? Or has my exposure to so many gardens over the last twenty years changed my taste? – I know I am pleased by a cleaner, leaner look now, perhaps the simpler the better. I wonder how I would design the garden if I was beginning it now instead of a quarter of a century ago?

Geranium at Veddw copyright Anne Wareham

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