Elizabeth's Walk at Veddw copyright Charles Hawes

I’m after beauty. It’s why I made the garden.

But it really needs light. Wet dulls it down, drags it down, and just now should be the very best time of year for the beauty light brings. In 2010 I wrote this about early autumn sunshine on the yellowing foliage:

“Sometimes I look out of the window and that ridiculous thing that you think people invent simply for effect actually happens: my jaw drops. Something is unexpectedly lit up, as if someone is pointing it out with a spotlight.

And it looks so radiant because soft yellow is the colour of the slightly fading leaves everywhere. Not dramatic reds, purples and vivid yellow, just the beginning of turning, a touch of variation from the relentless green of summer, and the sun suddenly points a finger at it and I gawp.” (extract from ‘The Bad Tempered Gardener’ )

That’s all it takes. Well, and the garden after 25 years growing… Just some sun. Please?

Reflecting pool at Veddw. Copyright Charles Hawes

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