I don’t advertise anything here except Veddw and my excellent Christmassy -present – book, The Bad Tempered Gardener, which are possibly excusable. Nor do I, in spite of endless tedious requests, sneak in little mentions of products under the guise of copy.

However, just sometimes I think I want to be appreciative of something, and one such something is Niwaki.  In particular I wanted to tell you how good the ladders are. We had one, we just got a bigger one.

Niwaki ladder at Veddw copyright Anne Wareham

Big ladder.

O – I suppose I do also advertise Jeff, for similar reasons of quality, but he is in short supply and ours first.

What’s good about the ladders?

1. One leg. Anyone who has had to squash the contents of a border with the two legs and bar of the conventional stepladder will instantly realise how liberating it is to be able to just put the one discrete little foot of this ladder wherever you need. Easy to locate a little safe spot for it. And no damage done.

Niwaki Ladder at Veddw copyright Anne Wareham

Jeff approves too.

2. It’s light. I can carry it, one hand, even the big one. Nuff said.

3. It’s safe – the legs are wide with feet on and the triangular formation is very stable. So that I – always scared of the least little things and especially heights, – will dare go up it. It means I can cut bits of hedge that have annoyed me for years because they are out of my reach. No more waiting waiting waiting for a man.

Beech Hedge, Veddw copyright Charles Hawes

This is one of the worst, unreachable bits

So, if you can afford one, (I think ladders will be cheaper at B&Q, sadly) they are excellent. And lots of people die every year falling off ladders. It may be possible to fall off this one but I think it may be much less likely.  I may have saved your life.

Anne Wareham

(disclosure  disclosure- Jake, of Niwaki does advertise on thinkingardens, where I do take paid adverts)

Niwaki Ladder at Veddw copyright Anne Wareham.

He’d go up too far and risk his neck whatever it was like.

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