It being the season, and garden writers needing to endlessly provide reading material, I recently read a piece in praise of camellias. Understandable – they are quite attractive flowers with a good shiny evergreen leaf. Hmm. And

Camellia 'Donation' at Veddw Copyright Anne Wareham SAM_9454

Bit out of focus, but you get the idea…

people go long distances to visit them in Cornwall with magnolias. And blue skies if you’re lucky.

However. Charles has always hated them – because they discolour, rot and generally depress, while still on the bush. Some are reputed to drop cleanly, saving the revolting look of a whole decaying bush of them. ‘Donation’ is one, I believe, and I always understood this was ‘Donation’. Well, don’t get excited.

Camellia 'Donation' at Veddw Copyright Anne Wareham SAM_9457

Not bad….

We had a great year for them this year. Not much frost. Rain not exceptional. Looked quite good for a (short) while.

I used to grow several others, all supposedly clean dropping. I had visions of them all along the back of the border, cheering me up in spring.


Camellia 'Donation' at Veddw Copyright Anne Wareham SAM_9624



Camellia 'Donation' at Veddw Copyright Anne Wareham SAM_9623

o yuk yuk


You should be warned, shouldn’t you? Well, I just did. They always do that.

People used to grow them under cover. Maybe that worked?

Anne Wareham

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