Pride and falling…

by AnneWareham on August 7, 2014

Bee on Inula flower, Veddw

I was dead chuffed about this sight in June:

Veddw June Front Garden copyright Anne Wareham

– the euphorbia looked wonderful for weeks. I boasted about it and showed off. So serves me right – the euphorbia got rust.

Rust 2 Veddw, Copyright Anne Wareham 003 sAnd because I don’t just do the odd plant in amongst lots of other different ones, preferring dramatic sweeps, I got a dramatic sweep –

rust Veddw, Copyright Anne Wareham s

of rust. Lots of dead euphorbia.

So – it’s had to be cut and it looks a bit miserable. Well, it also looked miserable before I cut it.

rust 3 Veddw, Copyright Anne Wareham 004sTake your pic…sorry, pick.

Will it come back? This is going to be an anxious time. And I should maybe mulch this to make it look more visitor friendly.

If you were thinking of visiting – it’s not all like this! It’s anemone time! Hydrangea time! Crocosmia time!

But my poor euphorbias do make me feel a bit fed up……

???????????????????????????????Back to book writing. Sigh….


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