Mosaic at the Laskett copyright Anne Wareham

Stephen Lacey was a bit of an idiot to put the Laskett in his recent Telegraph piece about the best garden makers. See these opinions elsewhere. I’m sorry to be exampling the Laskett again – it’s simply that there are not many gardens that have been so roundly deplored by so many garden bloggers.

I can’t comment – I couldn’t possibly comment, could I, since I’m clearly miffed at being excluded?

When did that ever stop me? And, well, yes, I am human, and since, having travelled from The Laskett to the Veddw someone once said “from the ridicuous to the sublime” you might have thought I could feel a little ouch, given the mediocre choices that were made in the piece.

But Stephen Lacey only ever visited Veddw twenty years ago. Never since. He lives in Wales and has not visited the National Botanic Garden either. So his survey might well be somewhat limited if his visiting is as restricted as that elsewhere.

This would be quite normal amongst garden writers. Garden features are picture led. Writers get asked to visit and write about gardens when editors have decided to publish a piece, so that’s when garden writers go on a visit. Sometimes they write the piece without visiting even then. I do believe they rarely visit a garden without a commission to write or a press jolly.

Though most of them they must visit friends’ gardens, I imagine.

Am I wrong? How many people have had a garden writer visit their garden without their having a garden article to write?

Path at the Laskett copyright Anne Wareham

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