Cardoons at Veddw


The way to get things done in the garden is to go out there intending to do something else. So I went out yesterday all girded up to plant the 30 odd plants that were all sitting there demanding to be planted. For some reason the other plants that had been dug up and left in the buckets suddenly seemed very interesting. They had been there for some six weeks, and as the buckets didn’t drain I had been regularly emptying them of the frequent storm water, in spite of which they had got stinky as a foul drain.

Why it suddenly seemed more fun to deal with stinky plants which needed sawing into pieces before potting up I have no idea. It did involve a trip to the garden centre for more compost, however…

Still have 30 plants already in pots impatiently waiting their turn..

The way to get nothing done is, of course, to blog about it…

Crocosmia Lucifer by seat, Veddw


August 2012

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