I did some hand weeding the other day.

I know. I know. First time since never…. All the better to learn something then.

And I did – see if you agree. It was the creeping buttercup curse. I used to think I would never get on top of this. I have had colour schemes in the garden deliberately designed to allow for buttercup yellow in spring so that I could allow the bloody thing to get the better of me sometimes. But in the end I got the better – by close planting of vigorous perennials, all now well established. If there is much creeping buttercup I no longer notice it.

It has it’s little hideouts, but on the whole it is, I realise, a pest of new gardens. because I have a new garden ( a newish garden at Veddw – I haven’t moved)  and it is there, being a pest. There it was, trying to hide amongst the very similar leaves of Geranium macrorrhizum. Didn’t fool me. So a bit of weeding seemed to have to be.

So what did I learn? First – fingers are no good with that thing – you get very muddy and all to no avail as you pull away at it until – it snaps. OK.

So I went off for the tool shown above. Thought I’d get a grip..

But useless – there is no leverage to be had in soft earth so no way to get any more purchase than I had with my fingers. (However – it’s just the thing for removing paint tin lids). Back to the potting shed. For the Universal Tool

The Breadknife Veddw copyright Anne Wareham

The Universal Tool

There is nothing like a bread knife for sooo many garden jobs. That did it – cut round the root with it and out the bugger came =

Creeping Buttercup at Veddw, copyright Anne Wareham

Got it.


Well, that one, anyway.


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