North Garden – Charles’ Garden

The Vegetable Garden Box topiary. Cynara cardunculus 'Florist Candy', Heuchera 'Palace Purple'. Ilex JC Van Tol Standard. Veddw House, Monmouthshire. May 2008

Cynara cardunculus ‘Florist Candy’, Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’. Ilex JC Van Tol Standard. 

Charles’ domain, and it was getting harder and harder for him to maintain as the photography work grew. So he stopped growing vegetables, and the garden has become more ornamental and less worthy. There are standard hollies in formal beds,  box balls, heuchera and cardoons and two containing borders. Or at least there were borders – we are in the process of  their total renovation. And at the back a shrub border where once there was a fruit cage. Until Charles neglected to take the netting off against snow one last and fatal time..

Veg Plot, 2. Veddw Copyright Charles Hawes_


August 2013 Veddw copyright Anne Wareham 097 Cardoon head M

Late summer – medieval battle weapon arrives…


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