North Garden – Front Garden

Front Garden, Veddw, copyright Charles Hawes

Euphorbia ‘Fireglow’ filling the front Garden in June

This is our view, every day, so really has to work all year. Originally I was in thrall to the cottage garden notion and planted things here in the traditional random mess. And regretted it. So I added clipped box and osmanthus to give some order and peace to the eye, and began repeating some plants in pattern, for the same reason. (Ligularia dentata ‘Desdemona’ & ‘Othello’, for example, one to a bed).

Variegated ground elder runs freely and helps to bring the garden together. I cut it down, with the Lysimachia ciliata ‘Firecracker’ in early summer, to keep them tidy, and to have a repeat sighting of their foliage coming up mixed and fresh. (well, I used to – sometimes now I don’t bother and have the rather insignificant yellow flowers on the lysymachia instead.)

Front Garden, Veddw, copyright Charles Hawes

With the old bird bath….

The colour in the flowering season is bright: reds, yellows, white, orange. (though I don’t call it a ‘hot’ garden as the term for some reason irritates me)(it’s become a cliché.) One of my helpful and best garden critics (Stephen Anderton) pointed out that the fence in front of the hornbeam arch detracted from the view of the arch, which was absolutely right, so the fence has been shortened to free the lines of the arch. But now a shrub has resurrected that problem…

Front Garden, Veddw, copyright Charles Hawes

A longer view

The biggest problem though was box blight, which really disfigured the box balls. They had to go – and the sad story is here.  But with help from our gardener, Jeff, we got that sorted (see here). And then we even got a new bird bath (not that that was unproblematic (see here..)

Front Garden, Veddw, copyright Charles Hawes

New bird bath.

Come and see!

Front garden close up, July. Veddw. Copyright Charles Hawes

Front garden close up in July


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