North Garden – Grey Border and Leymus Bed

The Leymus Bed has the wonderful virtue of containing a beautiful but rampant grass. Add a little valerian and a backdrop of the rampant rambler rose Kiftsgate and you have a good picture:

Leymus arenarius, valerian and Kiftsgate Copyright Charles Hawes

Even without the valerian..

Kiftsgate Early July 2 Veddw Copyright Anne Wareham

Grey borders are not clever in the wet west, but some things have survived to give that colour slant to this garden. The mass of rosa ‘Felicia’ backed by buddleia x fallowiana “Lochinch” is good in summer. When the rose repeats in September I feel a bit bored and that the rose time has past. I’ve recently added cardoons at the front, as they are grey, I love them and they provide a relief from the old bittiness. They are becoming one of the gardens’ theme plants.


I love this bit, though no-one else does, much. It’s all about purple and grey foliage. In late summer japanese anemones flower in it and add a touch of deep pink and I go to look at it a lot.

Rosa 'Felicia' in grey border at Veddw

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