South Garden – Conservatory

Conservatory, Veddw, copyright Charles Hawes

Conservatory: paint it black..

I have written about the conservatory – see here  with horrible picture of me..

I used to grow lots of tender things in here, just because I could. Then I realised that just as borders full of random plantings are a bit of an eyesore and not much pleasure to live with, so is a conservatory with random plantings. Then we got pests I couldn’t get rid of, even with expensive predators. 

Conservatory, Veddw, copyright Charles Hawes

Conservatory in spring

So now I have dramatic plants, repeated, and have painted the walls black to show them off. Some are hardy, so I can put them outside if I want to swop things around and add seasonal plants. Fun. Better. And controls the pests. (I didn’t say kills them…)

Conservatory, Veddw, copyright Charles Hawes

and it’s where I have my tulips:

Tulip, Veddw Conservatory copyright Anne Wareham

Best place for these.

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