South Garden – Cottage Ruin

Ruined Cottage, Veddw, copyright Anne Wareham-  Monmouthshire garden, South Wales

This cottage was built and inhabited sometime between 1842 and 1910. By 1910 it was definitely abandoned, and has not been lived in since.

Ferns in Ruin  Veddw, copyright Anne Wareham SAM_2156 S


When we came we too were squatters (just of this little bit of the property!) as this part of the land was not owned by anyone. Later we obtained full and proper ownership and since then Charles has rebuilt it as a place to sit and a place to see the Coppice – and to lean on the wall and view the rest of the garden. Leaning is under rated as a pastime..

And you get wonderful shadows of the trees on to the wall in spring, before the trees are in leaf:

Ruin at Veddw - shadows on the wall, copyright Anne Wareham

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