South Garden – Crescent Border

Crescent Border, Veddw, copyright  Charles Hawes 1-1

This border is our principal view of the garden from early summer to late autumn (when we close the conservatory and cosy up to the fire). So I have worked on trying to get it to flower all season for many years. I thought I was getting there, but never felt quite satisfied. One of the visitors I asked to give me garden criticism offered that it needed contrast to the bitty leaves. (Of course! How could I have missed it? …by focusing on flowers, of course) so I’m working on that now: hence the buzzards.

Veddw - South Garden - Crescent Border 1They are another local reference too and are frequently to be seen drifting overhead – or perched ominously on telegraph poles… They are also the feature that has been most criticised by visitors when we ask what they would change. We are attached to them, however, and so they have remained for the moment.

I wrote a piece about this border in late summer for the English Garden – here.

Crescent Border, Veddw, June copyright Charles Hawes

And just beyond, a rambler rose, Wichuriana:

Rosa wichuriana Early July 2 Veddw Copyright Anne Wareham

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