South Garden – Grasses Parterre

Grasses Parterre at Veddw copyright Charles HawesI used the local Tithe Map of 1841 as the basis for a pattern of hedges in box on one slope of this valley. This created miniature fields which we’ve filled with ornamental grasses – in tribute to both the history of the landscape and to the present views of farmland beyond the garden.

Long view:

View across Veddw October 2013 Copyright Anne Wareham

Grasses parterre in the distance beyond wavy hedge..

View of Grasses Parterre, Veddw, in spring. Copyright Anne Wareham

And Grasses Parterre in the spring….

Veddw - South Garden - Grasses Parterre

In the grasses.

It is also, of course, a new kind of parterre – and ornamental grasses are an ideal filling for any parterre, as many of them look their best in blocks.

It also has the essential virtue of being a low, flat planting, so it doesn’t obscure the view over the Veddw valley.

View over the valley Veddw House  at Veddw Copyright Charles Hawes June 15-7 S

And a view across the top garden too –

View over grasses parterre, Veddw Copyright Anne Wareham

And the grasses are just beautiful!

Grasses parterre, veddw, copyright Anne WarehamAnd the view across the parterre can be pretty good…

View across Veddw in autumn copyright Charles Hawes

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