South Garden – Reflecting Pool and Hedges

Hedge Garden S  at Veddw Copyright Charles Hawes _MG_9551


Veddw - South Garden - Reflecting PoolFor reflection, and the best bit of the garden for us, since it’s usually possible to sit here and not have to contemplate some neglected work.

Veddw - South Garden - Reflecting Pool 1The seat is shaped to echo the Monmouthshire low, rounded hills, and the same shape is emerging in the clipped box in the Hedge Garden (they need to grow another couple of years to complete the effect).

Veddw - South Garden - Hedges 1The view is of the pool, the formal shapes of the hedge garden and then the coppice, forest trees and sky beyond – and their reflections in the pool.

Veddw - South Garden - Reflecting Pool 2

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