Anne Wareham

Box Ball, front garden, Veddw, copyright Charles Hawes

“Most people consciously and unconsciously respond to the larger topography in the making of their gardens. Often it is to something simple – a slope, a curve, a mature copse, a single tree or (lucky gardeners) standing or moving natural water. If something is there, ready and waiting, and particularly if getting rid of it would be difficult, it influences the picture of the garden that we work through in our heads, as we think about making our landscape.

The garden writer Anne Wareham, whose own garden at Veddw House has been one of the bonuses of the researches for this book, has a particular and informed sensitivity to place; a kind of knowledge that is not only aesthetic; but also historical and topographical. Rather as Thomas Church did in northern Mexico, she has found ways of “pulling the landscape into the garden.” This gives meaning and structure to her design, but also makes one look carefully at the wider frame within which her garden sits.

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