The Bad Tempered Gardener

Not Snowdrops Again

by AnneWareham on December 26, 2012

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Ok, I may hate gardening, but the slightest glow of winter sunshine draws me irresistibly outside. The sun is lost to this garden for a few weeks in the winter, because we are sheltered by a high ridge to the South.  When the sun at last returns to the garden it can feel as if the spring has sprung and whereas for eleven months of the year I wilt with boredom at the idea of snowdrops, come January I’m off out looking for them. [ more..]

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A genuine request for information. I’m closing the garden this week – our last coach party is on Friday. I find keeping the garden looking as good as possible through May to September quite tough and end up exhausted at this time of year, in desperate need of a holiday. But now we begin to […]

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