The Deckchair Gardener

Charles Dowding  says: 

“A humorous questioning of the jobs we are told to do, and don’t need to, though rather than sitting in a deckchair, you will be having fun doing jobs that make your garden shine.”

Katherine Crouch says:

“Every gardener should buy one copy for themselves and one copy as a very a funny and affordable present for any other gardener. Me being an experienced gardener and all, I thought I knew every wrinkle and dodge, but there are plenty of tips that made me think ‘yes, why do I persist in doing that?’ Just as giggle-tastic as ‘Outwitting Squirrels’ and just as sensible – a rare combination.”

Nicole Marillier says

“I enjoyed reading this book more than I could say, because it asks one very important question : do you like what you do while gardening ? not “do you like gardening” nor “do you like plants” ? it speaks of the actions you take because you think you choose to, while, actually, you were told to by the magazines, the books, the blogs, and all those medias about gardening, and you think you cannot not do it ! Of course, you might dislike what you have to do to keep a plant you specially love ! then, the question is : do I really love the plant ? why ? wouldn’t I prefer to NOT do it even if this means I shall not keep the plant ? and so on, thinking about all what we are told to to, from dead-heading daffodils to keeping leeks and parsnips in a trench for winter ….
and the cherry on the cake is found in the “Deckchair wisdom” comments , sort of very (very) short (very !) sum of what had been said before.
As Anne says, get the book before starting any job …. !”

Alison Levey wrote a full review here


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Deckchair Gardener by Anne Wareham

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