by AnneWareham on November 11, 2015

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On to the final stages – Caitriona arrives. Here is a small sample of the work she did last time for us:

Headstones in the Wild Garden

Headstones in the Wild Garden

So, work begins on this new project, from the bottom…

Caitriona at work, from the bottom SAM_4529

and starts in red crayon –

Words in pencil SAM_4532

Then the carving begins..(tap tap tap tap…)

And it goes on..Copyright Anne Wareham, Veddw SAM_4540

Carving begins Copyright Anne Wareham, Veddw SAM_4536

Bit intimidating?

Caitriona reaches the top and Charles has an inspection..

Inspection Copyright Anne Wareham, Veddw SAM_4571

Caitriona _The Stone, Veddw, copyright Charles Hawes_MG_2044 s

Carving done!

Caitriona. Stone finished and washed. Veddw copyright Anne Wareham IMG_2058s


When it’s finished, it gets washed – hence the dribble on the pic.

Then it’s my turn. Painting the letters.

Anne at work, copyright Charles Hawes, Veddw,IMG_6458

I spent some time getting a cream colour mixed and because the stone colour varies, I varied the paint colours as I went. Hard to see except in the flesh, as it were. Not sure that this picture is an accurate representation. But the stone does have varied and delightful colouring – it’s a red sandstone, our basic rock locally. (see ‘Why our seat are pink’)

The Stone, lettering Copyright Anne Wareham SAM_4621

And then it was really FINISHED!!!!!!!!

Stone really really finished


And here it is, in context.

The Stone in context, Copyright Anne Wareham, Veddw SAM_4624


Thank you to everyone involved. You were great.


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