It’s strange how some garden implements have acquired iconic status – and perhaps inexplicable.  When I first started gardening I ‘invested’ in a Hawes watering can – not because that is my husband’s name but because they had such a great reputation. It was expensive, made of metal and ridiculously heavy. And within three years it rusted and leaked.

I gather you can get plastic ones now, which may be more rust resistant….

Undeterred, when I was asked what garden gift I would like I opted for Felco secateurs. That was 25 years ago, and I still use them. But I also still use several mega cheap pairs which seem just as robust. I have certainly never discovered what my Felco ones will do that no others will do just as well.

I suspect there’s a lot of this about because of the image of gardening. Sane, 21st century grownups take up gardening and develop rampant nostalgia and adopt ‘tradition’. And ‘passion’.


Succulent at Veddw copyright Anne Wareham


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